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Maja Group Indonesia is a company that moves in several related fields such as Hotel, Restaurant, Function Hall and Entertainment since its inception on May 8th of 2010. Located at Jl. Terusan Sersan Bajuri No. 72 Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. Maja Group Indonesia aspirations are to cater to the needs and desires of every consumer, provide comfort in high fashion as well as offer a unique and incomparable lifestyle experience. For those reasons alone, Maja Group Indonesia is keep on continuous innovation in every aspect in order to realize such simple ambitions. Maja Group Indonesia in its entirety is based on distinct outlets. Each and every outlet is named and designed specifically in order to reflect the different characters and concepts there in.

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Breathe a pure flawless air in the open spaces, listen the tunes of tropical nature that creates a perfect environment for leisure. At last, elevate your palate by a nice taste of stupendous dining on rooftop terraces, It will be a memorable dinner for your family, friends, business partners, associates, clients and suppliers. There is no perfect place like Maja House.
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Sugar and Cream Rooftop Bar and Restaurant present you an area within a place of Maja House, that offers a spectacular skyline and city lights that has to be seen to be believed. From unique chill-out option and the ultimate dining and meeting place, Sugar and Cream giving you a promise that there will always be captivating foods, a perfectly-blended cocktail ready-and-waiting.
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Facilities? Check. Uniqueness of Interior? Divine. Pure flawless air to breathe? Hi5. Natural view? As far as the eyes can see. Boring hotel food? Nope. Mouthwatering foods & beverages? We love it as much as you do!
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Enjoy the exclusive and sophisticated selection with one or the other unisex pieces combines classy fashion by avant-garde & puristic designers and unique novelties from upcoming young designers.
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Vanilla Kitchen And Wine welcoming you to the hip, diverse, urban crowd where everyone’s welcome. Come and enjoy our place that manifests an unusual display of eclectic and unconventional décor in a simple way that borders on the peculiar, with our selections of nice food and beverages.
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Imagine If You Could Stay, Sleep On, And Live The Music

A Fresh, Warm Hearted, And homy hostelry.

Infused With A Heavy Dose Of Music. Brought To You by Cutting - Edge Enthusiast Of Maja Group, This hidden City
Gem Is located in the Notable Area Of Ciumbuluit In The Northern Part of Bandung. A City renowned For its Cool Weather, Creative Scheme, and Youthful Feel. Eateries And Apparel Stores Are Major Captivating Business.

Cool Weather Of The City Allows For More LaidBack And Contemplative Situation, Sou Our Coffee Shop & Terace Down By The lobby Would Be A Nice Spot For Sipping A Hot Latte Or Reading A Book. Every Room At The Olivers Tells To A Different Story, Dances To A Different Beat, And Hums To A Different Rhythm; Perhaps You'll Find Your Favorite, A Song That Is Always Yours.